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The Lost Gospels of Mariam and Judas

The original scrolls that tell this story were discovered in the ARCHIVUM SECRETUM APOSTOLICUM VATICANUM, known since 2018 as the Vatican Apostolic Archive. In the year 2000, a researcher, archivist, and translator (who chooses to remain anonymous) discovered these long lost accounts written by Mariam of Magdala and Judas lscariot.

After translating the ancient scrolls, the researcher realized the words of Mariam and Judas could be a threat to the Church. The researcher feared the Church would suppress this important information, and might very possibly just destroy it.

The researcher gave this translated document to the Reverend Billy Williams. The researcher wanted Reverend Williams to publish this important information for the world to see. Other than the basics of compiling and assembling the contents of the scrolls in a modern printable fashion, the words contained herein of Mariam and Judas remain unchanged, just as they wrote them 2,000 years ago.

The Reverend Williams unexpectedly died on September 16, 2001. All of his work related to this document was discovered in his files in September, 2020. It has taken two decades for this 2,000 year old story to be revealed to the public for the first time.

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The Lost Gospels of Mariam and Judas

Will it Play in Peoria. The Autobiography of the Reverend Billy Williams

The 1960's. Hippies and Yippies. Sex, drugs, rock and roll. Peace, love, war, harmony and rage. Billy Williams came of age during that period of time, and the events of that era influenced his life. This is his story and those were the days.

Will it Play in Peoria
"It was fun! Very interesting. A look back at that important time in history." --- Dianna, former VA, Professional, and Sharp Lady
"I loved the book!" --- Lewis, Writer and Master Sommelier
"It was unusual. Very interesting." --- Mary, Head Librarian
"I was a Hippie again, reading it." --- Mark, retired Philosophy Professor and old Hippie
"I couldn't put it down." --- Mickey, retired Private Investigator
"What a voice!" --- Carolyn, Attorney
"Great book!" --- Mary Anne, Building Industry Professional and Voracious Reader
"Catches the essence of the 60's." --- James, Professional Actor, Business Owner
"I thought it was a great book." --- Judy, Professional Actor, Business Owner

Cornbread and Beans

While this Stage Play has music in it, it is not meant to be a musical. It is essentially a story of the Human Condition. You can find links to the music on the last page. Please feel free to use the Play in a production you might want to mount but the songs are copyrighted and you must gain the copyright holder's permission to use them in your production. While the author makes the story available in the spirit of "Fair Use", no inherent permissions or warranties are given by the author as it relates to the use of the music.

the, Art of a Meal
This release from Howlin Wolf Studio, released 25 October, 2008 is relevant to the times and current social environment. While the novel is fiction, the premise is based on fact. Hunger and Homelessness are nothing to joke about, but they are topics that demand our attention. They demand our attention both individually and collectively, as Citizens, and, as a Nation. The subjects are all over the news and, if you look around, right in our hometowns. This is another viewpoint; Good, Bad or Ugly - here it is.
Art of a Meal
This is the original of the Madder n series. It introduces certain characters; politicians and their cohorts, who are either escapees from, or belong in a lunatic asylum. And, since they are in the Washington D.C. political arena, they probably feel right at home.
Some of the other characters try to apply common sense solutions to addressing and correcting America's dangerous addiction to petroleum products.
While the politicians scheme and plot, the good guys try to make good things happen. What happens? It is a fascinating look at common-sense and patriotism, versus the deranged desire for power and bottomless greed.
This is Madder n - Part Two. The first ended one week before the 2008 Presidential Election, and now this, the sequel, starts out the night of that election. America has a new President and she has a few marbles rolling around loose in her demonic mind.
What happens to America during the four years of her presidency? What happens to America's desperate energy problems? What happens to America and the citizens of America?
On the one hand, the politicians try to destroy the Country.
On the other, Patriotic Citizens demand an Organic, Green, Clean and Renewable energy source.
Who wins the struggle?
Madder n Hell .org #3, An Alternative History
What will be the future of America? Will the principles and ideals of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States still be America’s guiding light?  Will America still be dedicated to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”?  Will Americans still live in the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”?
Or, will America’s citizens be dominated by a dictatorship, brutally crushed by martial law?  Could that happen?  Who could make such a nightmare become reality?  What would motivate them?  And, how can they be thwarted in their plans?
If the history books, to be written in the future, are determined by the past, then that past is defined by the present.  This ‘Alternative History’ is a warning.
The future of America is in your hands.
The decision is yours – TODAY.
Pro se Reference
Professional liars and licensed thieves. Is that an unfair over-simplification of lawyers and the legal profession? Perhaps. However, for every honest lawyer who represents their clients in a professional and straightforward fashion, there are probably a couple who should be cooling their heels in a jail cell. Lobo met one of the bad ones and that idiot totally messed up Lobo's life. Instead of smashing the idiot's face (as he justly deserved), Lobo sued the idiot for malpractice. Lobo represented himself Pro se and won his case. Included in the Pro se Reference is the information you can use to represent yourself Pro se, and for you to also win your case
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